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Matt Jackson

ALB Assistant Mechanic

ILB Helmsman

Launcher/ILB Tractor

Crew Number: 7

Last Launch

Launch Date:

Friday 20 May 2016

Launch Time:


Recover Time:

02:20 (30mins)


ILB D-739 Peterborough Beer Festival IV


Overcast, smooth, SSW, F2


Found safe and well elsewhere


Launched to assist in the search for a missing male on Skegness North Beach, Inshore lifeboat arrived near to the pier and fired 1 x white paraflare. unavoidable circumstances caused the inshore lifeboat to catch fire during the search, all hands were forced to abandon the vessel as it was engulfed in flames and subsequently sunk. Skegness all-weather lifeboat continued searching for the missing male.

Latest Launches

12/06/2018 16:55

Assistance Given

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