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Will Watson

ALB Crew

ILB Helmsman

Launcher/ILB Tractor

Crew Number: 10

Last Launch

Launch Date:

Thursday 14 January 2016

Launch Time:


Recover Time:

01:00 (3hrs 55mins)


ALB 12-008 Lincolnshire Poacher


Cloudless, Rough, NW F5


Launched - Not Required


All-weather lifeboat lunched to assist fishing vessel with loss of steerage in the Kings Lynne area.

Launch conditions were difficult due to very high tide and altered state of beach contours, as a result Wells all-weather lifeboat was tasked to assist in the operation. After launch and once under way HMCG communicated that the fishing boat had managed to rectify the issue and was under way in the port at Kings Lynne. ALB returned to station.

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30/04/2017 06:04


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