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Nick Walton

ILB Crew

Launcher/ILB Tractor

LMG: Deputy Lifeboat Press Officer (DLPO)

Crew Number: 24

Joined: February 2019

Last Launch

Launch Date:

Tuesday 19 March 2019

Launch Time:


Recover Time:

14:07 (2106hrs 23mins)


ILB D-792 Marie Theresa Bertha Barrass


Good Visibility, F2 SW


Assisted HMCG


While the volunteer crew were carrying out a routine training exercise, the tractor came across an adult male, under the influence of drink threatening to walk into the sea, we called HMCG and tried to keep him calm until the local CG and police arrived. The person did not go in the sea, and was apprehended by the police and CG, we continued with the exercise

Latest Launches

30/06/2019 15:00

Assistance Given

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