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The modern lifeboat is an amazing combination of advanced engineering, high-tech electronic navigation and communication devices, and the latest life-saving equipment. Different types of lifeboat are required for different coastal conditions around the country so the RNLI's fleet has to include lifeboats capable of launching from beaches, cliffs, slipways as well as those that stay moored up in harbour.

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Skegness lifeboats at sea. (Photo: Dean Godden)
Skegness lifeboats at sea. (Photo: Dean Godden)

All-weather Lifeboat (ALB)

Since 1825 when the first lifeboat was put on station at Gibralter Point, the lifeboats of Skegness have been launched by man-power, horses and, more recently, tractors. The current all-weather lifeboat, the 13m Shannon class lifeboat Joel and April Grunnill weighs over 18 tons, but still has to be pulled across the beach on a carriage.

12-008 Lincolnshire Poacher
Skegness all-weather lifeboat Lincolnshire Poacher. (Photo: RNLI Skegness)


Inshore Lifeboat (ILB)

The current inshore lifeboat at Skegness, Marie Theresa Bertha Barrass, is a 4.9m (16ft) D class inflatable lifeboat capable of 25 knots. The ILB is used primarily for rescues that are closer to the shore, such as searching for missing children, or helping inflatables and broken down speedboats.

D-739 Peterborough Beer Festival IV
Skegness inshore lifeboat Peterborough Beer Festival IV. (Photo: RNLI Skegness)

Former lifeboats

On station
All-weather Lifeboats Launches Lives saved
1825-1864 Unnamed Lincolnshire Coast Shipwreck Association lifeboats 50 63
Oct 1864 - Apr 1874 Herbert Ingram 12 34
Apr 1874 - Dec 1888 Herbert Ingram II 23 27
Dec 1888 - Mar 1906 Ann, John and Mary 14 13
Mar 1906 - Dec 1932 Samuel Lewis 21 21
Dec 1932 - Dec 1953 Anne Allen 120 43
Dec 1953 - Apr 1964 The Cuttle 48 11
Apr 1964 - Aug 1990 37-10 Charles Fred Grantham 165 96
Aug 1990 - Mar 2017 12-008 Lincolnshire Poacher 352 38

On station Inshore Lifeboats Launches Lives saved
Jun - Jul 1964 D-15 (Unnamed) 5 3
Jul 1965 - Oct 1972 D-58 (Unnamed) 61 15
Mar 1973 - Jan 1987 D-212 (Unnamed) 281 83
Jan 1987 - Jun 1994 D-326 Michel Philippe Wolvers 115 38
Jun 1994 - Feb 2002 D-460 Leicester Fox 286 67
Feb 2002 - Jan 2009 D-573 Leicester Fox II 235 20
Jan 2009 - Oct 2010 D-538 Tom Broom (Long term relief) 102 5
Oct 2010 - May 2016 D-739 Peterborough Beer Festival IV 151 2

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    Two RNLI lifeboats called in the early hours to assist 24 metre fishing vessel suffering engine failure.

    Volunteer crew at Skegness RNLI launched the stations Shannon class lifeboat, Joel and April Grunnill this morning (22 August 2019) to reports of a fishing vessel suffering from engine failure within the Race Bank wind farm. Tea...

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